Segway has unveiled Loomo, its latest AI powered self balancing transporter

- May 21, 2018

Hoverboards are ridiculous. They serve no purpose other than signaling that your laziness is only outpaced by your willingness to spend disposable income on fad gadgets. But if you insist on being piggybacked atop a rolling pedestal like a discount Paul Blart, you do you. Just know that it might as well be on one that also transforms into a robotic sidekick and carries your bags for you.

First revealed at top innovation conferences, CES 2016, the Segway Loomo is a $1,700 hoverboard. It operates much like those that came before it. You step onto the self-balancing platform, lean forward to accelerate, lean back to slow and reverse. But unlike its predecessors, turning the Loomo is done by pressing the knees against the unit’s center, leaning left and right, which I found to be a far more intuitive method than lifting and pressing the footpads.


Segway Loomo AI Powered Self Balancing Transporter Design

The Loomo is an advanced AI powered electric transporter that measures 12.20″ long by 22.44″ wide by 25.59″ high abs weighs approx 42 lbs. As we can see from the images, the Loomo has a similar appearance design with Segway miniPRO, and it features a pivoted LCD screen wire built-in HD camera on the knee control bar.

Segway Loomo AI Powered Self Balancing Transporter Features

As a high-performance self balancing transporter, Segway Loomo is powerful enough to deliver a top speed of 18km/h and up to 22mi riding range. Meanwhile, using advanced motion control system with disturbance rejection and quick response techniques, the electric scooter can ride smoothly in various surface types like mud, grass, bumps, slopes and other uneven surfaces.

More importantly, the self-balancing transporter works as a personal robot powered by Intel Atom Z8750 quad-core processor, and comes equipped with LCD screen, 1080p HD camera, ultrasonic sensor, two infrared distance sensors, 5-microphone array, and several other touch sensors in order to achieve many intelligent features including facial recognition, gesture analysis, obstacle avoidance, intelligent planning, auto follow and more. Furthermore, the personal robot can also cheer you up and entertain everyone around you. Using its custom app, you can remotely control it and interact with your family members. Apart from these, continuous update will bring mods new features to the smart self-balancing transporter.

Segway Loomo AI Powered Self Balancing Transporter Price

The team behind Loomo is raising fund for the product on Indiegogo. We can pledge $1700 to preorder the mini transporter. It will be shipped in May 2018.

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