MegaBots Is Finally Going To Take On Japan In The World’s First Giant Robot Battle

- Oct 9, 2017

Team America is ready to head. MegaBots revealed a hype-tastic quick video of its final, combat-prepared, 16-foot-tall Eagle Prime gadget, and also introduced that it is prepared to take on the japanese Kuratas inside the global’s first giant robotic fight.

The robot has been created by San Francisco-based MegaBots, who set up the Giant Robot Dual league in 2015.

On its website, MegaBots stated: ‘MegaBots uses cutting-edge robotics tech to create the massive piloted combating robots of technology fiction, videogames and movies.


Eagle Prime is an exceptionally heavy and giant fighting robot, and it’s additionally the primary MK3-class MegaBot from MegaBots. In comparison with the preceding robotic, Eagle prime has surely got masses of improvement like armored exterior, extra stable tracks, quicker velocity, more effective fist and more.

The group of MegaBots additionally launched a group of new pics, that supply us our first investigate the pilot’s cockpit and rear gunner’s control panel of this hulking 2-seater.

The fighting robotic weighs 12 lots, stands sixteen feet tall, and is powered through a 430 horsepower V8 LS3 engine. The specifications are respectable, however don’t anticipate the robotic to be extra flexible than those robots that seem in real metallic. The Eagle Prime even needs two pilots for full control. Of direction, it’s just the start of giant robot Duel. maybe more economies would like to enroll in the sport with extra robotic giants that cost several thousands and thousands respectively inside the near future. After the wreck, test out the following video about Eagle Prime.

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