Google Maps now makes it easier to remember where you parked your car

- May 9, 2017

Google has rolled a new features added to the prime time version of Google Maps on iOS and Android, that will help you to find your parked car. So you may no longer have to be left scratching your head again for scanning huge parking lots for your vehicles. You can save your parking location on Google Map new feature, also set notes to remind you to refill the meter and add details like what level of the garage their car located. Read more about Google’s feature on Auto xpedia.

To used this new feature on iOS or Android, tap the blue dot that showing your location to see an option to save your car parking place on the Google Map and a label will appear on the map, showing you where you parked. That is it! There is even an option to share your location with friends, just tap the share button. Maybe your significant other needs to know where the car is at the train station.


Google Maps

The car parking location is determined through a combination of cell towers, GPS and known WiFi locations. This new feature is an expansion of the automatic parking detection tool, that works with Bluetooth in your car just to determine where you parked your car. But if you don’t have a car with Bluetooth, this tool was useless. Until this update.

Last year, Apple also launched a similar feature but automatic parking-detection tool for Apple Maps. If you connect your iPhones to your cars using Bluetooth, then your car parking spots will be added on the map automatically with a pin code when they disconnect and get out of the car. And Google has offered a similar tool for iOS owners using Google Maps since March.

Google Maps is available to download on iOS and Android app stores.

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