Einride T-Pod is an electric, self-driving truck with no room for human driver

- Jul 26, 2017

Currently, Google, Apple and Samsung have all thrown hats into the ring of this emerging self-driving cars technology but Swedish startup Einride wants to take it one step further with its self-driving truck, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It is technically a truck — however it looks a great deal greater like a new age spacecraft than any semi on cutting-edge highways.

The startup officially revealed its first prototype of the T-pod, a completely electric, autonomous truck that Einride claims should help cut Sweden’s freight-associated emissions through 60 percentage through 2030. We have not visible a road check but, however the pod’s design is extra than sufficient to show a few heads.

There is no windshield for a trucker to look out from, let alone a driver or passenger door.
The T-pod may be controlled through drive itself or remote operators, disposing of the want for in-cab human drivers fully — and if you take a look at the T-Pod’s layout, you could right now see that an old skool concept like manual human using changed into never within the playing cards.

Einride’s T-Pod doesn’t have room onboard for a human driver. It is a windowless box on wheels, powered with the aid of electric cars. The truck is ready 23 toes lengthy and can carry 15 popular shipment pallets, according to Einride. It weighs 20 heaps absolutely loaded. Its power comes from a big 200-kilowatt-hour battery pack, offering as much as 124 miles of riding in keeping with rate, Einride says.

The first 200 pods are projected to hit the road in Sweden by 2020, traveling a route between the cities of Gothenburg and Helsingborg that will be built up with the necessary charging and operational infrastructure. The T-Pods will indefinitely reduce emissions by operating entirely on electric, but strikes a concern on unemployment.

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