Maximizing Your Social Media Presence

Social media is now at the forefront of the digital marketing world. Brands are spending massive amounts of money to ensure that their platform garners the most followers and users on a daily basis. From advertisements on streaming services and video platforms, to simple ads on news websites, the space available to advertise on the internet is endless. Although it may seem daunting at first, the ability to create a strong social media presence doesn’t cost a fortune. There are many social media strategies available and one of the most effective ways to grow your following is by engaging with them.

Social Media Presence

There are many ways in which people interact on social media. Following someone is an interaction, a way of stating that you are interested in what they have to say or what they are selling. Liking a comment, picture, or video shows that you are watching and appreciating the content that they are putting out. Reposting or sharing illustrates that you agree with the content so much you are willing to cosign the publication. All of these are interactions you are hoping people will take the time to do with your content, however the hardest part is getting them there in the first place. How do people gather thousands of followers to their pages? One extremely effective ways is by hosting contests or rewards for those that interact with your page. This strategy can force users to interact with your page and revisit for results of a contest. First, make sure that you state that they must be following you, this ensures that you will gain the social media clout necessary to gather repeat users. Next, force the contestant to like or share a specific post in order to participate. This will cause a boost in your post and likely gather more potential contestants. Finally, pick a reward that is affordable so that you are able to repeat the process. Try using a Groupon Coupon for L.L. Bean to get some gifts that people will be excited about. Social media is a great way to reach out to potential customers and maintain a connection with them.

How to protect your computer against threats

Threats to confidential information and file security are a huge concern in the business world of today. With nearly all documentation being kept on devices rather than in print, it is vital that this data is kept safe through a high level of security. The risks involved if this information isn’t kept secure can be catastrophic to businesses – the possibility of malware or of complete file erasure are just the tip of the iceberg.

How to protect your computer against threats

With that in mind, IT support company Syntax Integration  have shared some ways you can protect your computer against these threats.

Know the signs

The Internet is rife with advertisements – it’s how many sites maintain their profit. And these adverts offer everything from cheap hotels, local singles in your area to free smartphones and cash prizes. Therefore, it is vital that you can identify the difference between safe advertisements and dangerous ones.

Ask yourself whether the context of the ad seems legitimate. Look for a source or any fine print. And if you’re struggling, a good rule of thumb is to be wary of any advertisement you come across online – if you want to check something out, search for it yourself.

Emails can also be dangerous territory. Phishing attempts are, unfortunately, very common and these emails can contain anything from dodgy links to downloads which can be harmful to your device. Be suspicious of any email that comes from a source you don’t recognise, which doesn’t address you by name, and which asks you to download a file, click a link, or share personal information. Chances are it’s almost certainly spam.

Avoid Unsafe Sites

There are a lot of links out there that are shared on social media, and these will usually advertise some sort of article or list encouraging you to click and find out more. It’s called ‘clickbait’, and might share a story entitled something like “You won’t believe what happened when…” or “I didn’t know you could make money doing this…” By leaving you curious and encouraging you to go against your better judgment, these can be particularly hard to ignore.

Nevertheless, your first port of call should be the source. If it’s not a name you recognise, it is probably clickbait, which will more than likely take you to a site crawling with unreliable advertisements and potentially even viruses.

Anti-Virus and Pop-Up Blockers

An anti-virus program of some kind is vital in business to keep work and documentation safe and secure. Viruses can often lead to the complete removal of all data saved and stored to the afflicted device, making it every employer’s worst nightmare. So it’s definitely worth paying extra to keep your laptops or PCs security. The payments are usually an annual subscription, but often have an option of paying monthly instead, so you can choose what best suits your business’s needs.

Pop-up blockers are another must-have in business. This removes any worry about those pesky adverts we mentioned earlier, as any suspicious links you try to open are immediately shut down so you’ll know for future reference which sites are not safe for browsing.


‘Hacked?’ is a great app available for download via Windows 10. All you need to do is input your email, and the app will tell you immediately whether your email address has been used suspiciously. It monitors all your email addresses and passwords and uses the industry-trusted database of breaches called ‘haveibeenpwned’ which scans and updates frequently. The other good thing about ‘Hacked?’ is that it will never share your email with anything outside the ‘haveibeenpwned’ database, meaning you’re not making your account less secure by using the app.

Make the Most out of Your WordPress Hosting

As your WordPress site grows, moving to a new, faster and more capable hosting service can be inevitable. Before you decide to find a new WordPress hosting plan, however, there are things you can do to make the most out of your existing plans. These optimization steps can also be used to increase the overall performance of your WordPress site. Which steps are we talking about? Let’s find out, shall we?

WordPress hosting

The Right Kind of Caching

There are a lot of caching plugins and methods you can use to speed up a WordPress site, but the best way to squeeze more life or performance out of your current hosting plan is by using the right kind of caching in the first place. W3 Total Cache, for instance, supports both disk caching and memcached as well as several other methods.

To find out the right caching method to use, you need to consider the kind of web hosting service you are currently using. Shared hosting services are often not compatible with memcached, so it is best to use disk caching to turn dynamic elements into static HTML files. On the other hand, you have a lot of other advanced options – including integrating Nginx and Redis for caching – if you are on a VPS.

Don’t forget to also cache your database, especially if you don’t change or update your content often. Instead of dealing with one (or several) database request every time a post is loaded, you can speed things up by caching them on the disk or through other methods.

Use CDNs

Another common problem with WordPress hosting is not enough monthly data transfer allocation. A lot of hosting companies are now offering unlimited bandwidth to their users, but unlimited hosting may not be what you use right now. Aside from the allocated bandwidth, you may also experience problems with data transfer speed, especially during traffic spikes and other special circumstances.

The answer to these problems is a CDN. A CDN or content distribution/delivery network can take some of the load your hosting server deals with and spread it across multiple servers around the world. Whenever a user access your site, the CDN will quickly determine the best server to stream static files from based on proximity and availability.

Not only will you be reducing the monthly data usage on your main WordPress hosting account, you will also be reducing the page loading time of your site substantially. This is because you now have multiple servers handling different HTTP requests instead of just one dealing with a queue.

Sometimes, the key to squeezing more performance from your WordPress hosting service is as simple as keeping your WordPress installation up to date. The recent versions of WordPress are designed to handle high traffic better. Information is processed more efficiently, allowing even a large WordPress site to perform well under load.

The same goes for plugins and themes. Outdated plugins and themes are not only sources of performance problems, but also huge security risks that you should always avoid. Whenever you have an outdated theme or plugin running within your WordPress installation, be sure to upgrade to the most recent version immediately.

Another thing to keep in mind is unused plugins and themes. Don’t leave them stored on your server just because you think they are not affecting your site (being disabled and all); even deactivated plugins can have some impact to your site’s performance and the way it works altogether. It is better to uninstall unused resources and reinstall them when you want to use the plugins and themes.

Other Free Services

Some limitations can be solved by using free third-party services. If you need more space to store your media files, for example, you can use Google Drive or other cloud storage services for the job. Most of today’s best cloud storage services support direct access of images and other supported media files, so they can indeed be used to store a large portion of your WordPress site.

Some WordPress hosting services don’t allow backup files to be stored for more than 14 days or shorter. Don’t worry, because you can also automatically upload backups of your WordPress site to the cloud using plugins or via FTP. You will be saving a lot of valuable web hosting space this way.

Can’t send newsletters because your web hosting company wouldn’t let you? MailChimp and various other free newsletter services are there for you to use. These services are very easy to integrate with WordPress, either through a plugin or embedding. You no longer have to go over your outgoing mail quota or violate the hosting company’s terms and conditions.

Do you have more suggestions on how to make the most out of a WordPress hosting service plan? Be sure to tell me your tips and tricks in the Comments section below.

Free Disk Management Software – EaseUS Partition Master Free

So, after using EaseUS  Partition Master on a few machines I had to work with recently and being thoroughly impressed, I’ve decided to write about it. The disk partition software allows you to handle any partition on any hard drive like a true master, doubly so if you’re handling multiple machines or multiple hard drives especially in a server environment. One common problem that system administrators have to face often enough is a particular partition running out of space, this happens a lot many times when a paging file grows and grows in a server rack. Enter a great disk manager, EaseUS Partition Master.

For the problem I mentioned above, it quickly and easily allowed me to increase the partition that held the paging file to 3 times its size and maintain system fidelity. Now you might notice that I tripled a partition, a sharp mind would guess that that means I used a different disk, which is correct. I used the multi-talented disk management software to first copy the initial partition over to a newer, larger SSD (which also allows faster access to said paging file) then I extended the partition to take advantage of the increased space on the new drive.

The beauty of the transfer also, is that it allowed me to move an entire Windows installation over to a new drive without having to do any reinstallations of even having to change file directories. The entire installation moved over smoothly and from a user’s point of view, was seamless, which is something every good system administrator wants from a disk manager, limited headaches.

Outside of these use-cases though, the disk partition software is really powerful. It allows you to also change the disk type from basic to dynamic disk, convert GPT disks to MBR disk, and vice versa. The dynamic disks can even be made into basic discs, though this does require deleting all dynamic volumes to work.

This really does blow the default disk management tool in Windows out of the water. It has many features which aren’t available in the basic software bundled with Windows. For example; You can expand or shrink FAT, recover partitions, in fact when it comes to partitions it can actually, hide them, label them, delete all partitions if needed, create bootable WinPE disks and of course, merge or move partitions as I said before and resize a dynamic volume (though Windows does that last one also).

A tool like this can be invaluable especially if you want to create a dual boot system, for example, lets say you want to check out Windows 10 but only want it on a separate partition to test for a while, then this tool is perfect, allowing you to create a dual boot system with Windows 10 on one partition and your regular OS on another.

All-in-all this is probably one of the most powerful disk partition software available and you really should go pick it up. It comes in a free variant which you can use to test, but is limited in functionality and hard disk capacity (8TB is its limit), the other variants are the professional and version which has full functionality except for Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 support, to get the support for those OSes you can grab the Server variant. All of them come with free trials, check them out!